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Nova Siri is a small Italian town with a few thousand inhabitants, located in the province of Matera, stretching along the beautiful Ionian coast. Visiting Nova Siri, divided between the town (Paese) and the marina (Marina), offers an enchanting experience for all visitors with its crystal-clear sea, unspoiled nature, and a historic center rich in history and culture.In 2024, Nova Siri was once again awarded the “Blue Flag” honor for the quality of its tourist services and its commitment to environmental protection, reaffirming its excellent reputation. In short, it’s an ideal destination for a relaxing and discovery-filled vacation.

The History of Nova Siri: From Magna Graecia to the Roman Era and Beyond

The origins of Nova Siri date back to the 7th century BC when it was founded as a colony of Magna Graecia under the name Siris. According to legend, the city originated from the escape of the Trojans following the famous Trojan War in Asia Minor.Over the centuries, this locality has been influenced by various cultures, including the Romans (remnants of an aqueduct can still be seen today) and later, during the Renaissance, by the Spanish when it became the fiefdom of the Sandoval de Castro family.During the Italian Risorgimento, Nova Siri became a center of fervent patriotic activity, connected to important figures in Italian history, such as Pietro Antonio Battifarano and the Settembrini family (from which the famous writer Luigi Settembrini was born).

Main Attractions of Nova Siri

The village is not just a beach tourism destination but a place where history and nature blend to offer visitors a unique and unforgettable experience. Its rich cultural heritage, scenic beauty, and the genuine hospitality of its inhabitants make Nova Siri a destination worth discovering and experiencing in all its aspects. Here are the main attractions of the place.

Archaeological Sites

Nova Siri offers numerous fascinating archaeological sites. Firstly, the remains of the already mentioned Roman aqueduct, an extraordinary example of ancient engineering; this imposing structure, which stretches for miles, is still partially visible and testifies to the importance of water supply in Roman cities.Also noteworthy are the remains of the so-called Vasche di Sant’Alessio, Roman pools fed by natural springs, used for both hygienic and ritual purposes, providing a glimpse into everyday life in the ancient Roman Empire.

Natural Beauties of Nova Siri

The beach of Nova Siri is a true natural paradise, which, according to frequent visitors, has little to envy to many Caribbean locations. Characterized by stretches of wild coast bathed by crystal-clear sea, it is surrounded by a lush pine forest and wild vegetation dominated by the so-called Mediterranean scrub.The beach is a few kilometers from the historic center and offers wide areas of golden sand and smooth pebbles, ideal for long walks. It is a perfect environment for those who love tranquility and unspoiled nature.One of the lesser-known but equally fascinating natural wonders of Nova Siri are the Cascate della Zagara, named because orange trees were once cultivated here. Located in a lush and green area, but very close to the town, they are an oasis of peace and beauty, ideal for hiking, picnics, and nature photography enthusiasts.

The Historic Center of Nova Siri: Ancient and Genuine

An authentic jewel of architecture and history, the historic center of Nova Siri is a must-visit. Walking through its narrow and winding streets means stepping back in time, among ancient stone houses and charming historic buildings.The Mother Church of Santa Maria Assunta, with its imposing late Renaissance structure, is one of the main places of worship in the city. Inside, visitors can admire a precious wooden choir from 1775 and sacred art of great value.Similarly, the Church of the Annunciation, dating back to the seventeenth century, is a splendid attraction. With its slender bell tower and finely decorated interiors, it represents a perfect example of religious architecture of the period.Notable is the Sanctuary of Maria Santissima della Sulla, located just outside the historic center. It is a pilgrimage destination and hosts religious festivals throughout the year, especially in summer, when the municipality organizes tourism-related activities.Besides the sacred architecture, the ancient village still retains evidence of the feudal and aristocratic eras, including the Castle of Diego Sandoval De Castro, dating back to the medieval period. This hilltop construction, which once served as a defensive fortress, is now a beloved attraction that tells the tumultuous history of the town.Many other noble families have inhabited Nova Siri, as evidenced by the splendid noble palaces, such as Palazzo Settembrini and Palazzo Costa, enriched with ornamental frames and details in local stone. Visiting these palaces is recommended to immerse oneself in the daily life of past aristocracy with its fascinating stories.

Villages in Nova Siri: Why Spend Your Holidays Here

This splendid locality, of which we have just listed some of the main beauties, is renowned for its welcoming tourist villages that offer a wide range of services and comforts for visitors. Immersed in an unspoiled natural environment, the villages of Nova Siri are the perfect choice for those seeking a holiday of tranquility, history, and culture. It is definitely a sought-after destination for families, couples, and travelers in search of authenticity and beauty.The tourist villages of Nova Siri are equipped with all modern comforts, including swimming pools, restaurants, wellness centers, and recreational activities for all ages. The privileged location of these villages allows easy exploration of both the natural beauties and historical attractions of the area. Outdoor activities, such as hiking, cycling, and water sports, are just some of the possibilities for those who love an active holiday.