Rocca Imperiale is one of Italy’s most beautiful villages, a small gem on the border between Calabria and Basilicata. Its numerous historical, cultural, and attractive features make Rocca Imperiale an unmissable destination for a stay focused on relaxation and History, with a capital “H.”

Must-See Stops for a Perfect Stay in Rocca Imperiale

What are the essential stops to make during a perfect stay in Rocca Imperiale? Here is a brief but comprehensive tour of the village’s beauties, from the iconic churches to the grand and famous Castle, without forgetting the leisure spots and the marvelous IGP lemon groves. For information regarding the exclusive itinerary among the wonders offered by Rocca Imperiale, you can contact the staff of the Wax Museum.

Brief Tourist Itinerary of Rocca Imperiale: The Stops

A village that resembles an open-air nativity scene: Rocca Imperiale deserves a complete visit, to be enjoyed while breathing in the evocative medieval atmosphere that permeates all its alleys, tasting the local dishes, and enjoying a healthy tan on the shore of a crystal-clear sea. However, if the time available for your stay is very limited, don’t worry: here is a mini-tour suitable for every kind of tourist to bring back an indelible memory of the village after the holidays.

Step-by-Step Mini-Tour of Rocca Imperiale

  • Federician Castle with all its churches in the historic center of the village.
  • Chiesa Madre in the historic center: inside is the Crucifix that bled in the hands of the priest and before the faithful on Good Friday in 1691.
  • Church of the Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary in Rocca Imperiale Marina: known as the ship-shaped church, it houses inside the Sun-shaped Mosaic Tabernacle, the Smiling Bronze Crucifix, the urn containing the bone relic of Saint Rocco placed behind the altar, and other unique works.
  • Santuario Madonna della Nova in the Cesine district.
  • Seafront of Rocca Imperiale Marina, equipped with a cycle path and sports facilities.
  • IGP Lemon Groves spread throughout the territory.