Policoro: dove si trova, cosa vedere, storia e origini
When thinking of Policoro, its stunning blue sea instantly comes to mind, enhancing the town’s charm. Policoro is a small town near Matera, situated in a very fertile area called Metaponto, close to the Ionian Sea (just three kilometers away).Near its walls flows the Agri River, once a swampy area now reclaimed, known for its highly productive land.

Policoro and Its Origins

Policoro has a long history, founded near the ancient ruins of Heraclea and Siris, cities of Magna Graecia. It grew in the Middle Ages around the Baronial Castle and today is one of the main centers of the province of Matera, and the third largest in Basilicata by population. It is also known as a popular seaside resort, appreciated for its fine sandy or soft rocky beaches.Policoro is also famous for its strawberries, particularly during the annual Strawberry Festival. The most well-known variety is the “Candonga,” red and sweet as honey, often used to make desserts and ice cream.

Things to See and Do in Policoro

Visiting Policoro is a perfect adventure for hiking and biking enthusiasts. The trails offer stunning landscapes and surprises around every corner, amidst lush forests and breathtaking views. Here are some must-see attractions during your visit.Baronial Castle of Policoro Among the wonders of Policoro is the Baronial Castle, famous for its design and its location on a hill from which you can see the sea. Originally a monastery from the year 1000, it became a noble residence in 1791, and the town grew around it. Today, restored, the castle is open to visitors, as are its inner courtyards filled with bars and small restaurants.Pantano Forest of Policoro This forest, now a nature reserve, is a jewel near the Ionian Sea, recently awarded four Blue Flags. It is a unique place in Southern Italy, a mix of dense vegetation and complex wetlands. It is what remains of the great forest that once covered much of the coast.Swimming at Lido di Policoro Just a 5-minute drive away is the Lido di Policoro, a popular beach in summer. The beach has fine sand, clear and shallow water. There are many beach clubs, but also free beaches between the Agri and Sinni rivers. It is a peaceful place to relax.Policoro: The Port of the Argonauts This port is like a small town with houses around a square, surrounded by greenery. Only a third of the resort area is built up, the rest is full of plants and shrubs. There is a large pine forest, a Blue Flag beach with plenty of space between umbrellas, and a beautiful walk through the pine forest to reach the beach.