Castello di Oriolo
A Medieval Village Rich in History and Culture. A medieval village steeped in history and culture, nestled at an altitude of 450 meters. Oriolo Calabro has rightfully earned its place on the list of the most beautiful villages in Italy, to be enjoyed year-round and to be “eaten,” literally, with the eyes.What are the locations, attractions, and monuments that should never be missed during a stay in the splendid Oriolo? Let’s discover them together with this mini-tour to explore the beauties of the municipality.

Oriolo: A Brief Tourist Itinerary

  • Borgo di Oriolo: A village with a distinctly medieval charm, allowing tourists to breathe in history, culture, and art in every alley. The historic center of the village is an open-air museum, rich in religious structures and animated by cultural events practically all year round.
  • Castello di Oriolo: Dominating the historic center of the village, the fortress-castle was built in the Norman era and is completely intact. Inside, there are numerous exhibition areas and rooms dedicated to the historical events of Oriolo. Entry to the castle must be arranged in advance and requires an entrance fee.
  • Palazzo Giannettasio: An interesting location in the village of Oriolo, it is known primarily for its ballroom and a room adorned with a fresco depicting the slaying of the dragon by Saint George.
  • Mudam – Museo Diffuso delle Arti e dei Mestieri: A great opportunity to learn about the history and culture of Oriolo, Mudam immerses visitors in a world of tradition, history, art, and crafts. Admission to the museum is free.