Acquistare souvenir di Rocca Imperiale
An indelible memory of an unforgettable holiday: raise your hand if you don’t want to take home a souvenir to remind you of the wonderful moments spent with friends and loved ones.The flavours, colours, scents: magnificent sensations encapsulated in a keepsake, a magnet, or a typical product to sip or savour. Purchasing a memento or a bottle of your favourite liqueur is almost a mechanical action, whether it’s done in a local shop or online, browsing through websites of individual businesses or renowned e-commerce names.Every respectable stay concludes with the purchase of a “piece” of your favourite location. The charming village of Rocca Imperiale, famous for its castle and its IGP lemons, is no exception. What are the most popular souvenirs themed around Rocca Imperiale?

Rocca Imperiale, the Most Popular Souvenirs

Buying a charming Rocca Imperiale-themed souvenir, either locally or online, can be a surprising experience. What are the most sought-after mementos?Firstly, fridge magnets, a blessing and a curse for “memory collectors” who want to imprint their kitchen with the sensations experienced during their stay. With its churches, streets, and castle, the pearl of the upper Ionian coast offers its devoted “fans” numerous subjects immortalized not only on the classic souvenir but also on oil paintings or ceramic gadgets, for lovers of retro-style accessories.There are also tea towels or aprons depicting the most picturesque views of Rocca Imperiale, but most importantly, it’s impossible to remember the medieval village without having tasted the local lemons, either in their original form or processed into a delicious limoncello. The “treasures” of local food and wine are among the most requested souvenirs, to be purchased online or directly in the shops and stores of Rocca Imperiale.