Cosa vedere a Nova Siri: come arrivare, località del tesoro nascosto in Basilicata
Nova Siri is an enchanting town in the province of Matera. Its charm lies in the division between the picturesque Nova Siri village, affectionately called “U Paìs” by locals, and the lively Nova Siri Marina, known as “A Staziòn”. The latter is famous for its beach, which attracts tourists seeking relaxation and fun by the sea.

How to Get to Nova Siri and What to See

Walking through Nova Siri is like taking a journey back in time, where every stone and corner tells ancient stories. Located in Magna Graecia, this small town is proud of its numerous ancient ruins, showcasing the wealth of an ancient civilization. Getting to Nova Siri is easy: the train from Taranto to Sibari will take you there, or you can drive along the state road 106.The Romans left their mark in this area, where you can see the ancient baths of Sant’Alessio, six large water containers that continuously fill up, once used for health and cleanliness.The Porticella district shows the true spirit of Nova Siri, with its stone streets, old houses, and stairs leading to spectacular views. Here, old and new meet, with palaces and churches like Santa Maria Assunta alternating with the remains of a great castle, now transformed into private homes.

Nova Siri Marina: Golden Beaches Between the Mountains

Nova Siri Marina is a place full of history and culture, with a beautiful sea that was once called La Bollita. The beach area has golden sand, is surrounded by sea and mountains, and boasts well-preserved nature with pines and eucalyptus trees near the deep blue water. The sand at the bottom of the sea plays with the sunlight, creating beautiful reflections, perfect for those who want to take a swim.The beach at Nova Siri has many beach clubs where you can have fun and relax, but there are also stretches of free beach where time seems to stand still, allowing you to enjoy complete freedom.Visiting Nova Siri is more than just a visit; it is an experience that engages all the senses, a journey between history and the sea, a place where past and present meet and invite visitors to become part of its timeless story.