Aeroporto Pisticci tour Cosenza_Matera_Taranto
A mini-tour through the beauties of our South. Three stops – Cosenza in Calabria, Taranto in Puglia, and Matera in Basilicata, the city of stones – highly coveted by both Italian and foreign tourists, yet, unfortunately, reachable with connections reminiscent of the Middle Ages. The problem of infrastructure in our country is unfortunately well known, a frequently discussed issue, but not easily resolved. Yet, the resources to create dream holidays between Calabria, Puglia, and Basilicata are not lacking. It would take very little to achieve more than satisfactory results in tourism.

Pisticci, the Airport That (Doesn’t) Exist

Just as in some northern regions of Italy, like Trentino-Alto Adige, organising a simple and affordable travel itinerary to reach Taranto from the Cosenza area and especially Matera in Basilicata can prove to be a real adventure.You can travel on the Salerno-Reggio Calabria motorway by car, but not without difficulties: travelling by car guarantees autonomy and cost management, but it can be tiring and risky, given the road conditions are not always optimal.Travelling by train, bus, or the more modern option of “car sharing” is not as appealing. Reaching Taranto, for example, from Cosenza, can be a real epic journey, consisting of long trips, often “filled” with changes that can cause inconvenience, especially if you decide to travel with family, with small children in tow.A faster and more comfortable alternative is available. Basilicata has an airport located in Pisticci (Matera) that, however, functions only “on paper,” but is ready to propose itself as an important hub between Basilicata and the rest of Italy. The hope is that the promises of the politicians in office may finally become solid realities, giving the Lucanian population a fundamental node from a tourism perspective and beyond.

Adventure Tourism

A similar fate to Pisticci seems to have, at least for now, the Grottaglie airport in Puglia, another crucial stop for “comfortable” tourism within reach of individual travellers as well as groups of holidaymakers from Italy and the rest of the world.And while Italian tourists do not seem particularly inclined to embark on a stressful and, in some respects, epic holiday experience, such a challenging adventure does not seem to scare Europeans and overseas visitors, who are enthusiastic about experiencing our South with all its difficulties and numerous merits.Extraordinary monuments, Hellenic charm, historical centres steeped in history and culture, and crystal-clear seas are just some of the open-air treasures offered by Matera, Taranto, and the locations of Alto Ionio Cosentino: fascinating villages, pearls set between sea and mountains, offering a myriad of attractions and allowing you to taste local delicacies while admiring unforgettable sunsets and sunrises.Unique scenarios, indelible memories worth investing in, perhaps by providing infrastructure worthy of such sought-after locations, like the “little Tropea” of Metapontino.