Itinerario Cosenza_Matera_Taranto
Organising a Spectacular Tour: Visiting Wonderful Locations Between Alto Ionio Cosentino, the Famous City of Sassi, and Sunny Puglia Numerous tourists are drawn to the route from Cosenza, despite some logistical challenges, which passes through the most beautiful villages of the Metapontine area, reaching first the characteristic Matera and finally the sunny Taranto, the “City of Two Seas” loved even by dolphins.These are three highly significant locations along the Ionian coast of southern Italy, interspersed with dreamy villages. They can be fully experienced by using specific directories for bookings or travel agencies ready to find the best accommodation solutions tailored to each tourist’s needs.

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Tour in the Metapontine Area: Accommodation Solutions

The three major cities that make up the ideal tour of the historical and natural beauties of Calabria, Basilicata, and Puglia are about an hour away from the extraordinary area of the Metapontine villages.In addition to the famous “Pearl of the Ionian,” a true open-air museum rich in attractions for holidaymakers of all ages, it is possible to stay just a few kilometres from the three main centres in towns where time seems to be suspended between past and future.Policoro, Nova Siri, Oriolo, Roseto Capo Spulico, and Montegiordano are just a few of the locations that deserve more than a fleeting visit. Accommodation solutions in the various areas of Alto Ionio Cosentino are numerous: from the “classic” bed and breakfast to holiday homes – the latter option being particularly loved by those who enjoy a certain independence during their holidays. There is a wide range of options to choose from to imprint the most beautiful memories of your holiday in your mind.Besides being unique places, the villages are located in a strategic position concerning the three major centres of Cosenza, Matera, and Taranto. What better opportunity to plan a “road trip” holiday along the Ionian coast of our beautiful country?