Rocca Imperiale, the first town in Calabria, bordering Basilicata, has gained fame for its IGP-certified lemon, known worldwide, and also because in recent years, it has become a meeting and awarding place for poets and artists of various kinds.Thanks to the return of poets to the court of Frederick II of Swabia, several Bed and Breakfasts have sprung up in Rocca Imperiale Centre to host and make the stay of these “characters” comfortable, transforming the village of Rocca Imperiale into an open-air anthology to satisfy different needs.The credit for this wonderful artistic-cultural success goes to Giuseppe Aletti, editor, poet, and literary critic, the most important reformer in Italy for poetic structure. He also founded the famous Italian poetry festival “Il Federiciano,” a competition for unpublished texts in Italian, thanks to which thousands of people, both Italian and foreign, populate the village streets and need accommodation in Rocca Imperiale’s Historic Centre.Usually, the poetic event takes place on a chosen weekend to allow maximum participation, and this year it falls from December 7th to 11th.These are days filled with events, activities, and meetings, where the verse composers, in addition to presenting their work to the public, seize the opportunity to get to know each other and socialize.It’s not uncommon to find ceramic steles containing poems, which are now part of the urban decor, near the Bed and Breakfasts in Rocca Imperiale Centre and on some building walls. This is the coveted prize for participants in the events, to whom their publication is dedicated, alongside that of various great artists and authors.Aletti, a reference point for poetry in Italy, has thus realized the dream of many authors, letting them experience the magical reality of Rocca Imperiale.Indeed, the town has all the necessary characteristics to be considered a place of artistic-cultural inspiration; from the top of the Rocca, which looks like a pyramid in vegetative nature, you can admire the mountains, the hilly and flat areas, all framed by a beautiful blue sea background.To this surreal panoramic view is added the structure of the urban furniture of the town, with stone houses and streets, which have been given the right touch of modernity without compromising their originality. This is perfectly demonstrated by the alleys, narrow streets, and ancient compositions of some houses, each featuring an oven.As the magical Christmas atmosphere approaches, it will be even more exciting for “Il Federiciano” and its group of poets to stay in Rocca Imperiale’s Historic Centre and experience the “Nativity effect” by strolling through the village streets, near the Frederick II of Swabia Castle that provides a backdrop, with the smell of fireplaces warming the colder evenings.It’s almost mandatory to highlight the visual aspect Rocca assumes when arriving from the marina and continuing to the town, where it appears just like a lit-up nativity scene.What better place could there be to host this great event, “Il Federiciano,” than the village of Rocca Imperiale?What are you waiting for? Book your nights in the Bed and Breakfasts of Rocca Imperiale Centre!