Sila_Matera_scorcio Camigliatello
Planning an original travel itinerary among the natural beauties and inhabited centres that are true open-air treasures is a daring yet fascinating endeavour.When talking about holidays in Calabria, the first destination that comes to most travellers’ minds is Tropea. The reasons are, of course, more than plausible: the village in the province of Vibo Valentia is renowned not only for its crystal-clear beaches but also for its absolutely charming town centre, perfect for exploring and experiencing.However, the tip of the boot of Italy has more to offer than just Tropea as a tourist “pearl.” There are many mountain and coastal towns worthy of a thorough visit: once you’ve organised your stay, all you need to do is let yourself be captivated by the sun, monuments, attractions, and nature that only the Calabrian land can offer. And – why not? – extend your travel itinerary by venturing into nearby Basilicata, heading towards Matera, the city of stones and culture.

Camigliatello Silano: Sport and Nature

A mandatory stop on an ideal journey between sea and mountains is undoubtedly Camigliatello Silano, a hamlet of the municipality of Spezzano della Sila, on the Sila Grande. The area presents itself to tourists as an immense palette of colours, ranging from the blue of Lake Cecita (the largest lake in the region) to the green of the pines and beeches characteristic of this “pure lung.”Beloved especially by winter sports enthusiasts, Camigliatello is also an ideal location for those who wish to practise other activities that do not necessarily require snow. Throughout the year, official fishing competitions are organised under the patronage of FIPSAS. Additionally, birdwatching activities can be enjoyed, perhaps capturing the wonderful species of birds that inhabit the area with your camera.

Cariati: Sea and History

The Ionian coast of Cosenza is known for its extraordinary villages, but also for other towns whose beauty lies not only in their crystal-clear sea. The town of Cariati represents an authentic rarity: suspended between past and present, the town offers attractions suitable for tourists of all ages.A peculiarity of the town, which boasts over seven thousand inhabitants, is the imposing city wall that overlooks the deep Ionian Sea. The monument, which is well worth a visit, is the only structure of its kind that remains intact in the entire region.The historic centre of Cariati “suspends” visitors between the Middle Ages, Roman era, and contemporary times; its beaches are the ideal “theatre” for a sunset aperitif, as well as for beach parties and pure fun for young and old alike.

Matera, Land of Culture and Stones

Crossing the Calabrian borders, passing the high Ionian coast of Cosenza, you finally reach the suggestive Matera. The Lucanian province, a stone’s throw from the equally interesting Metapontine area, presents itself as an open-air museum, an ideal setting for successful films, and an authentic hotbed of Culture, with a capital “C.”Matera offers entertainment, relaxation, and history: these qualities are perfect for any type of tourist who, besides being captivated by the city’s culinary delights and the wide range of souvenirs, always original and characteristic of the place, will be left in awe by the magnificence of the famous Sassi: two neighbourhoods in the heart of the historic centre – Sasso Caveoso and Sasso Barisano – whose houses and buildings are entirely carved directly into the rock of the Matera Murgia.These are unmistakable and inimitable locations, worthy of a postcard and a “take” from major international productions. A fitting conclusion for a dreamy Calabrian-Lucanian tour, to be completed with the promise of returning to the sunny South to visit and experience with an open heart other small, great “jewels” nestled between the two regions.