Oriolo calabro, cosa vedere: dove si trova, la storia e i luoghi da scoprire
In the Ionian belt of Calabria, Oriolo rises, a village of rare beauty that towers from its height of 450 metres, offering a breathtaking panorama of Calabria. It is a true gem listed among Italy’s Most Beautiful Villages, a title also conferred by the Italian Touring Club’s Orange Flag for its timeless charm.What to See in Oriolo, a Medieval Jewel in the Upper Ionian CosentinoWalking through its historic centre is like leafing through the pages of an ancient book. Every stone tells a story, like that of the imposing Medieval Castle of the Pignone del Carretto family, once a fortress and now a silent guardian of the village’s secrets. Nearby stands the Church of San Giorgio, an architectural gem, and not far away, the small Church of San Rocco. Then there is the Giannettasio Palace, a building that with its Museum of Peasant Civilization, encapsulates the essence of rural life of the past.Oriolo, a spectacular Village of Italy, is not only history and architectural beauty; it is also an invitation to discover the hidden treasures of Calabria, like the Castle of Roseto Capo Spulico, which captivates with its position perched above the beach. Here one can discover corners of paradise that only those who truly live these places know. Let’s see what the essential stops are!The Castle of Oriolo The beautiful castle of Oriolo has been refurbished and takes us back in time with its towers and the grand keep that seems to watch over the history and customs of Oriolo. Inside the Giannattasio Palace, there is the Hall of Feasts, a room where time seems to have stood still, thanks to the beautiful painted ceiling that depicts the story of Saint George fighting the dragon, symbolising the endless struggle between good and evil.The Historic Centre of Oriolo The historic centre of Oriolo is a maze of narrow streets where many ancient and noble houses stand, as if it were an outdoor art exhibition. Art and history blend in buildings that have withstood time, offering a rare and well-preserved view of the medieval period.Gastronomic Delights of Oriolo One cannot discuss Oriolo without mentioning its gastronomic excellences, such as taralli, crunchy and fragrant biscuits flavoured with wild fennel. They are a testament to how, even through flavours, the tradition of this place has remained intact and authentic. Also not to be missed are Oriolo’s festivities, a dive into tradition and community. On April 22, the village comes alive for the patron saint’s festival of San Giorgio, followed by that of San Francesco di Paola on the 24th, with a fair that takes everyone back centuries, thanks to the period costume reenactments.Calabria Village: Why Visit Oriolo Visit Oriolo and be captivated by its medieval enchantment, by the noble palaces that chart the path to the Aragonese castle, by the nature that frames the village, creating a perfect harmony between man and environment. In Oriolo, the past meets the present in a timeless dialogue.